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About Us

Welcome to heckbuy a unique and different website than any other in the web, today!

Let’s start by defining what we are not:

heckbuy is not a traditional online store!!! We do not sell a billion of things for which we do not have any idea about their quality and effectiveness.

Who we are and how things started?

heckbuy is an idea that has been first drafted 10 years ago by university students of Leeds University ,  Cambridge and UCL. A small team of childhood friends who simply believe: “that clever ideas which solve problems are not necessarily expensive; if they are crafted with creativity, study and test”

How we do it?

A large portion of our products is manufactured in our factories(3) and then  we ship them to our warehouses (USA, Australia and Germany).  Others are designed by us and manufactured by third party suppliers. Every product is carefully  inspected and must pass our quality controls before going into the market.

Our factories manufacture many other products, the one’s hosted in our website are selected by us and usually offered at very cheap price.

Therefore, first come first served …

What we do?

The idea is very simple. Through the years each of us (members of the pack), at some point in time we faced a problem for which we have found a solution but without knowing why we have kept it secret; for ourselves. Soon, we have realized that all of us knew things that were valuable to the others. So we decided to share our knowledge with the world.

heckbuy is a website that hides beneath it true treasures. Real solutions that have been really tested and they solve a problem. We don’t offer many products but we offer great value.

How big is heckbuy?

heckbuy is a small business – a total of 25 people with the initial 6 founders to act as managers and each of them focusing on specific part of the chain. 

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